How To Draw Hedgehog Skull Kid

How To Draw Hedgehog Skull Kid

Step one:

First, sketch out the fundamental guidelines for the music skull kid.

Step two:

Now, let’s get started on his face, beginning with the upper jaw and eyes.

Step three:

Then, we draw the lower jaw as well as the top of the head.

Step four:

Let’s focus on the headphones first, and then on the hair. Then, we can make sure to finish his hat. It’s much simpler for you to sketch it out in this sequence exactly.

Step five:

Then, you need to draw the wire that connects to the headphones as well as the hand that holds the device.

Step six:

Finally Draw his pants, shirt and the tail of the skeleton!

Step seven:

This is the final result should be like. It was a great job Congratulations!

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