how to draw headphones

The visitors of love drawing tutorials on electronics. Today we will demonstrate ways to draw headphones with just six steps. This article is incredibly easy. We have painted the lines that are new to each stage in red to ensure that readers don’t get lost in these specific lines.

Through this instructional lesson draw headphones on paper using the help of a pencil or on a graphic tablet using a pen stylus.


Step 1

The headphones consist comprised of 2 speakers (earpieces) for each ear. In the beginning, we’ll create a speaker that is in the shape in the shape of an oval.




Step 2

Then, using another oval, make an additional earpiece. The two earpieces or speakers must be positioned at an angle from one another.




Step 3

By using a series of curly lines, create the headband that connects these two earpieces. The headband can be as straightforward, as this example. It could also be it could be composite and include more specifics.




Step 4

Following the lines of the headband and drawing the lines on the exterior of the earpiece, which is closest to us. On the second earpiece draw an earpad like the artists from has done in the illustration below.




Step 5

Then, arm you with an eraser and clean off any guidelines to ensure that the artwork is clear and stunning. Utilize a dark pencil, or ink to draw lines that are darker than the headphone artwork.




Step 6

Paint the headphones. We have decided to go with the bright red color and you’re free to apply any color you like. To accomplish this using paints, as well as felt-tip pens or colored pencils, are great. If you’re drawing with the graphics tablet, you can simply switch to the right brush.




We slowly but surely reached the final point of the instructions on drawing headphones. If you’d like to become a professional at drawing anything and everything look up other drawing instructions along with other areas on

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