We have made the decision to make drawing lessons for all the characters that are important to the TV series American Dad. We’ve drawn the majority of the main characters and today we’re going to teach drawing Hayley Smith.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the eyes and draw them as two circles. This step also requires us to draw a tiny nose.

Step 2
With two lines that are slightly curled, draw the eyelids. Then draw the pupils of the eyes by using two dots.

Step 3
With a slight curve create the cheek. Above the eyes, draw eyebrows by drawing two lines.

Step 4
Increase your height to draw an outline of a bandage around the forehead, and an outline of the hair. Then make a slight smile on the mouth.

Step 5
Utilizing the long lines that are curving and straight, draw hair. Then, draw a neck that is thin as in our illustration.

Step 6
Quite a difficult step. In this case, we need to draw the outline of the body, the clothes that cover the torso, and also the necklace that is on the chest.

Step 7
One more quite difficult step. In this case, it is essential to draw arms using the aid drawn lines long, the outlines of the abdomen, and a large belt.

Step 8
With the aid of the long lines and slightly curving lines make broad trouser pants from Hayley.

Step 9
When drawing the shoes you should try to replicate the basic elements of the shoe and the lines of the toes.

As we mentioned earlier We decided to develop drawing lessons for every one of the less or more significant characters from the show American Dad. We almost succeeded. If you have any questions about the characters of this series or from any other you’re interested in, please contact us.

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