Hello! Today we’ll tell our readers the drawing technique for Hawkeye from the Avengers. As you may have guessed, Hawkeye isn’t among the founding members of Hawkeye, the Avengers team. However, he gained a lot of attention due to a number of films by Marvel Comics.

Step 1
We begin drawing Hawkeye using stickman. Stickman is a figure made up of sticks and circles. We draw it in order to outline the fundamental proportions, their location, and location in the drawing.

Don’t apply too much pressure to the pencil. Draw the draft using soft and smooth strokes. Draw an oval first and outline the legs, body, and hands by drawing lines.

Step 2
In this stage, we’ll introduce some “meat” to the “bones” of the stickman. The first step is to draw a horizontal line within the shape that the skull. This line will assist us to draw our eyes.

Then with the lines, you traced from the previous step, sketch out the body’s parts. Drawing cylindrical shapes on the torso, arms, and legs. Draw knees and shoulders with circles. In this stage, it is not necessary to press the pencil too much.

Step 3
Now, we’ll draw the equipment’s outline. Draw out clasps and belts to the body. Do not forget to make a bow in your hands. Another thing to remember is to draw the outline of your glasses and hair.

Step 4
The first thing we draw in depth includes eyeballs (in this case, we make the eyeglasses). After that, we sketch out the mouth and nose. Utilizing basic lines we draw out ears and hair. Hair can be made more precise than the illustration. Additionally, you can draw a bristle or beard.

Step 5
In this stage, we draw pockets, straps, and belts. Two vertical lines on the belts begin from the trapezoid muscles in the back of the neck and continue towards the pelvis area. In the chest region you will see a number of plates with armored designs in the form that resemble the letters “V”. In this particular step, we draw a quiver using an arrow that will be placed just behind the shoulders.

Step 6
Now is the time to draw arms. In this case, we’ll also employ straight lines and clear lines to draw in a more detailed manner. Draw the outlines of each muscle as in the example below and remove unnecessary lines. In addition, we offer a specific drawing lesson on drawing hands.

Step 7
This is the last drawing class. The next step is to draw the leg section in greater detail. The leg area will be drawn from the top lower. The first item we draw is pelvis folds. Following that we draw a massive combat pocket. This pocket is secured onto the hip. The final process is drawing the boots.

Step 8
We draw Hawkeye from the Avengers. We have just one issue – shadows. As you will see, this photo is a standard example of a comic-style drawing. Therefore, the shadows are sharp black areas of contrast.

We apply the shadows in two steps: we draw the outline of the shadows and paint them. To draw shadows that are light, you can use hatching as we did in our example.

We hope this drawing lesson has helped you learn Hawkeye in the Marvel Avengers. Our website has a huge variety of drawing tutorials about Marvel’s characters Marvel and comics generally. If you enjoy our work, don’t forget to send us a link and follow us on social media.

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