Hello! Today, we’ll illustrate Alex Summers. He is also popularly known by the name of Havok from X-men as well as Emma Frost’s private college.

Step 1
Then we draw the stickman.

Step 2
Let’s add some muscle as well as flesh to the stickman. However, first, we’ll outline those lines that define the symmetry of the face.

Then draw the torso, that narrows from the shoulders down to the pelvis. Following that, you can draw the legs and arms, the feet and fists as in the example.

Step 3
It is possible to draw virtually every comic book character by using the outline of a human in the previous step. But this time we will draw the distinctive characteristics of Alex Summers. In this step, we sketch out the outline of his face.

Step 4
Let’s make the mask of Havoc more precise now. Make sure to draw the face details.

Step 5
We’re finishing the drawing lesson, in which we taught the students how to draw Havok in Marvel. We now need to draw the contours of the upper portion of the trunk as well as the hands.

Step 6
We’ll repeat the steps in the previous step using the pelvic region and the legs.

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