how to draw harry potter

This guide will show you how to draw Harry Potter. This wizard is perhaps the most well-known in the world. We chose to draw Harry Potter in a traditional way. It is our hope that it will be both fun and useful. So, let’s get started!

Step 1

We first outline Harry Potter’s figure using sticks and circles. These are the main circles that make up the base. These are the head, pelvis, and chest. The head is half of a heart sign. The chest should be wider than the pelvis.




Step 2

Let’s draw sticks instead of arms and legs. These sketches will be used to create detailed limbs. Our hero’s right-hand bends at an angle. The left-hand forms an awkward angle. The left leg appears straight, while the right leg forms an angle. Make sure you check the proportions between the torso and the limbs.




Step 3

The rounded chest is connected to the rounded pelvis. The lines should be smooth and straight. To get the neck, we also connect the head to the body. We draw a horizontal line at about half the height of the head.




Step 4

We are now going to outline our hands. The hands at this stage look like cylinders interspersed with large balls. As a guide, use the lines of the second step.




Step 5

Do the same with our character’s legs. The lower legs and hips look like cylinders tapering slightly downward. Balls are used to indicate large joints.




Step 6

We now have an approximate sketch that shows the pose of the wizard and helps to keep the proportions correct. We will now move the drill from the head toward the legs. This step will outline the contours and features of the nose, mouth, chin, and ears.




Step 7

This step will be very easy if you have drawn the line correctly from the previous step. This is how you outline a rounded ear and glasses. The eyebrow and eyes look half of the sign that is the heart.




Step 8

Let’s look at the different hairstyles Harry Potter wore. On the cover of Harry Potter’s books, you can see him with his hair tousled. We decided to draw his hair with neat styling.



Step 9

Small pieces of clothing can be added. The stylization of Hogwarts uniforms is well-known. In this step, we’ll draw a mantle collar that looks like two symmetrical triangular triangles and a tie.



Step 10

We continue to draw our wizard’s mantle. We outline the medial edges and trunk using a large angle. The mantle’s back looks like two lines of oblique that run from the armpits to the sides of the legs.

We simply draw an acute angle and then circle it from the sides.



Step 11

We continue our guide on drawing Harry Potter. The Harry Potter uniform includes the Gryffindor faculty badge. Let’s look at the badge. Also, we will outline the strip at the lower torso.



Step 12

Now comes the most important step. Now we will draw the contours for the sleeves and mantle. Take a look at the sketch carefully. You can see the right sleeve is very large. It almost fits between the top edge and the upper edge.



Step 13

Drawing hands can be quite difficult. A lesson was created to teach you the basics of drawing hands. You can draw the hands of our character after you have read this lesson.



Step 14

The main weapon of the wizard is his magic wand. Let’s make a magic wand by folding the clothes. Smooth narrowing should be the goal of the magic wand. The mantle fabric folds look like single, oblique lines.



Step 15

Add the contours of wide pants. We drew the approximate contours of our wizard’s feet. Now we know how to draw wide trousers that form part of Gryffindor’s uniform.



Step 16

The rest of the details are very minor. This step is where we finish forming the upper body and the mantle of our powerful wizard.



Step 17

Now we have a complete sketch. We can now carefully examine the proportions and correctness of each form as well as the entire picture. Before we begin working with colors, fix any mistakes.



Step 18

Uniforms for university always have an aristocratic feel. Although you can use any color for your drawing, however, muted colors will preserve the aristocratic style and aristocratic connotations.



We want to end by reminding you that we value your feedback and comments. Your feedback is important to us and we create new lessons. You are welcome to visit our pages!


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