We will be showing you the steps to draw Hank in Blazing Samurai. Blazing Samurai is a cartoon about Hank, a young dog who dreams of becoming a Samurai. He will save Kakamucho, a town that is under threat from Ica Chu, a cat commander who wants to eliminate the entire population.

Step 1
Start with the head. Draw a shape that looks like a pear. Draw a curve in the middle of the “pear”.

Step 2
Draw the eyes in circles above the curve line drawn in step 1. Next, draw the ears and nose as an oval.

Step 3
Draw the arms and upper portion of the clothing.

Step 4
Draw the legs and lower part of your clothing. This step also includes the katana, a samurai blade.

Step 5
The pupils should be drawn inside the eyes and eyebrows. Hank’s expression is a bit confused but ready to fight.

Step 6
Draw the lines for the ears and face. Draw the haircut. ).

Step 7
The rest of Hank’s body should be drawn out. Use clean, crisp lines. You can add details such as seams to clothing or pattern on the handle for the katana.

We will be showing you how to draw Blazing Samurai Hank holding a katana in your hands. You can also choose to pose in any other way, however. We remind you to share your lessons with us and to subscribe to our social media channels!

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