Hello! Today we’ll teach the drawing technique for Hammerhead of Marvel Comics.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a stickman. As you can observe, it has specific characteristics.

Step 2
Draw two lines in the middle of your face. They are commonly referred to as “facilities”. Then, draw outlines of your neck as well as the body, which slims down in the middle. Then, draw the legs and arms.

The body’s parts appear as simple geometric designs. The knees, elbows, and shoulders have been drawn in the form of circles. Then sketch out the legs and arms as cylindrical shapes. Draw the feet and hands like in our illustration.

Step 3
Draw an angry look and eyebrows in front of the eyes. Then draw an elongated, flat nose and mouth with teeth compressed. After that, finish the process, and add some wrinkles.

Step 4
Then we will continue with drawing tutorials where we will show our readers the steps you can draw Hammerhead from Marvel. We are now in an easy step. In this case, we will draw just the lines of hair and ears.

Step 5
We can see many layers of clothes on Hammerhead The jacket, then underneath is a waistcoat, and then the shirt. It is necessary to draw the entire outfit as we go from the outside to the inside, i.e. start with the coat and then, an apron and a shirt.

Concerning details Draw the tie and buttons. You can also include some folds to the compression zones of the fabric.

Step 6
In this next step, we’ll draw fists. You can observe that Hammerhead’s hands ought to be quite large. If you’ve read our tutorial where we showed the steps to draw palms and hands it will be much easier to focus on this part.

Step 7
Draw your pants and shoes with precision. Make sure you mark two folds in the groin region as well as on the knees just behind the shoes.

Step 8
Let’s show Hammerhead an entire appearance. In order to achieve this, we need to use shadows. Shadows can be drawn using hatching as we did in the course on the warpath.

We hope you enjoy this drawing course. There are many other characters and heroes of Marvel’s Marvel world on the site. Be sure to keep an eye on us since we offer drawing lessons each day. We will see you soon!


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