How to draw Halsey

How to draw Halsey

Step 1:

Begin by creating some shapes and guides to help Halsey draw his face.

Step 2:

To draw Halsey’s actual face shape, use the guide shape that you have just created. For her short hairstyle, make sure you include her ear shape and her hairline.

Step 3:

Finish the hairstyle. This will shape her head. You should trim the sides of her hair or cut off her hair.

Step 4:

Next, we’ll focus on her nose. Draw the outline of her nose, then add the details to her ears and earrings.

Step 5:

The facial guidelines can be used to draw the lids of the eyes.

Step 6:

Finish the eyes by drawing your bottom lids, then adding lashes and eyeballs.

Step 7:

We’ll draw in Halsey’s eyebrows, which aren’t as thin as some girls have these days. We will draw in full brows for Halsey.

Step 8:

Next, we will draw her lips and indent her cheeks. You will see her pretty lips, a Monroe-like beauty mark or cute beauty marks on her cheeks.

Step 9:

Let’s draw her neck, followed by her shoulders and some of the back. You can then draw the crease lines around the neck, and you can begin erasing mistakes and guides.

Step 10:

Once you’re done, your drawing should look something like this. You can now color her in and display your work.

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