how to draw hair

In this easy-to-follow instruction, the team from will demonstrate ways to draw your hair. This tutorial is part of the basic instruction category and can be very helpful for anyone who wants to draw a person.


Step 1

In order to draw hair, first, we must draw what they’re holding onto, namely, the head. Therefore it is recommended to create an oval.




Step 2

By drawing a straight line, draw a line of hair. For individuals, the line could differ from the other.




Step 3

Make a few simple lines to draw the hair’s top. The hairstyle could be as shown in the illustration by artists from or take an entirely different design.




Step 4

Let’s start working on hair texture. The first step is to start with the temples, by drawing many straight lines of oblique.




Step 5

Then, go up to the top of your head and draw a texture by using long lines, just like the artists from Hairlines should run from the base to the top.




Step 6

Continue adding texture to the hair. Utilizing a lot of smooth and long lines, draw hair from the roots up to the ends. Be sure to repeat the direction of your hair in the same way as the artists at did.




Step 7

Armed with an eraser take out any additional guides from the sketch and trace it using the darker pencil or ink. Make sure to add some finishing touches when needed.




Step 8

The hair should be painted to make it look more beautiful and voluminous. In the middle, you can leave a glare similar to the artists of Hair color may be both natural and unique colors.




This simple article helps you learn the art of drawing hair? Which parts were unclear to you? Tell us in the comments section below this article. We will read all of your comments and we will reply to many of them.

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