How to Draw Hades from Hercules

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Make an oval to represent Hades the head shape, and then use the face as a guide.

Step 2

You will now employ the sketch guidelines to sketch Hades The wide and long face, and draw the eyebrows in an arch.

Step 3

Then, draw lines that create the eyebrows of the eyes, and draw creases that shape the eyebrows.

Step 4

Create two perfect circles to the eyes, and then color the pupils.

Step 5

Draw lines around the eyes, draw the nose. The lines that surround the nose form the pointed cheekbones.

Step 6

Draw the outline of Hades Head with flames to make his hair look more attractive Then draw ears with pointed and long teeth.

Step 7

Finalize Hades in drawing the remainder of the cheeks and mouth. Make sure you add details to the cheeks. Make sure to erase any mistakes you might have made.

Step 8

It’s done, then it’s time paint Hades of Hercules. I hope that you had fun. You did a fantastic job!

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