How to draw Gundam Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw Nine Tailed Fox Step by Step

Step 1

Draw Gundam’s face. Straight lines are used to draw Gundam’s face. In the middle of the face, draw two inverted V-shaped lines.

Step 2

End sketching the Gundam’s head. Straight lines are used to create a large “V-shaped” above the face. Draw rectangles on either side of the face by using straight or curved lines. The four squares within each of the small squares should be shaded. Connect the “V”, to the visor, and the sides using curved lines.

Step 3

Straight lines are used to surround the trapezoids in the middle of the “V.” Next, outline the chest and shoulders. Straight lines are used to define the trapezoidal neck and boxy chest.

Step 4

The shield is an oblong hexagon drawn using six straight lines. Wrap a longer, smaller hexagon within it. Draw a small rectangle near the top and shade it with a smaller rectangle. You can draw lines in the corner and on one side of inner hexagon. To enclose your hand, use curved lines.

Step 5

To draw a four-pointed star onto the shield, use eight curved lines. Two small circles should be drawn near the top. Next, detail the Gundam’s chest. Draw two rectangles that are connected by horizontal lines. Draw a pentagon between them. Draw a horizontal line through the middle, and a triangle along one side. Wrap the trapezoids in half of the bottom.

Step 6

To form the body, wrap the trapezoids in a loop. For a three-dimensional appearance, draw a line through the corner. Next, draw straight lines to surround the rectangular arm with a rounded section at the elbow and a curving rectangle at the end.

Step 7

Finish the body. To wrap irregular shapes, use straight and curved lines. Next, draw hands using overlapping curves. Extend a pair curves from the hand and allow them to meet at a sharp end. Wrap the weapon in a wrap, forming a blade.

Step 8

You can detail your body with small squares or a straight line. Next, draw four segments of irregularly shaped legs and feet using curved and straight lines. As joints between the segments, draw ovals.

Step 9

Perpendicular curves for foot detail. Next, draw four segments of irregularly shaped foot and leg legs using straight and curved lines. As joints between the segments, draw ovals.


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