How To Draw Grubber

How To Draw Grubber

Step one:

A simple lesson is coming your way. Start with two forms that are one for the head and the second one for the body. Remember the facial guidelines.

Step two:

You can now begin drawing the outline of the pug face. Begin with the nose, and then draw the mouth, which is wide to the side. Include simple lines to begin the head’s shape.

Step three:

Then, draw Grubber’s eye as well as his eyebrow’s tab. After that, it is possible to draw the contour of his ear. Make sure to draw the notch along with the hair tuft within the ear.

Step four:

Cap from the top with a hedgehog’s spiked mane. The mane flows through his tail and back. Of course , you’ll need to draw his back and tail as well.

Step five:

Now is the time for drawing the body. You can see that the man is wearing a basic shirt and his tiny arms folded. Make sure you have pointed fingers too.

Step six:

In the final drawing step , we only must draw the feet and legs that are thick and belly and stomach marking lines. Remove the mistakes if you’ve made any of the guides as well.

Step seven:

Today I’m done with this persona of My Little Pony: The Movie. I hope that yours turned out beautifully, and do not forget to color the character in. Awe Grubber! You’re so adorable.

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