How to Draw Groot

Groot is among the most beautiful characters from Marvel Comics. Groot became famous in the wake of films about Guardians of the Galaxy. This is the reason we developed an instructional guide on drawing Groot.


Step 1

First, we draw the outline of the torso and head that our model. We’ll be using three rounded shapes to represent this, and they will represent the chest, head, and pelvis. The long line of longitudinal lines is the model for the spine column. In this stage, we can see no differences in a human body image.




Step 2

Let’s draw extended arms that are long and outstretched legs using sticks of any kind. In this stage, we’ll draw on the outside of the contours of our head using the form of two intersecting lines. A vertical line separates two parts of the head, and the horizontal line moves slightly downwards relative to the center of the conditional.




Step 3.

Eyes that are large and a smaller mouth are what we’ll sketch in this step. The eyes appear to be large ovals that are extended horizontally. The mouth appears to be a long, curved line.




Step 4

Let’s draw a head outline using an appearance that is similar to the head of Groot. It’s a rounded form that is expanding upwards and then abruptly breaks into a sharp edge.




Step 5

The next step is to connect the forms from the initial step to create the contours of the body. Utilize a couple of straight lines that connect the lines of the pelvis and the chest. Also, in this step, you will draw some straight lines from the neck toward the arms.




Step 6

In this stage, we’ll draw the lines using long flowing lines. Be aware that these lines extend to the lower part of the pelvis. Beware of the wide bends.




Step 7

We will now make long hands. We have a specially-designed tutorial on this subject, make sure to go through it. Follow the guidelines from this tutorial. Just extend all lines to match Groot’s proportions.




Step 8

We’re almost done with our rough sketch of Groot. We have to draw the outlines of Groot’s legs. It’s like the high-waisted pants which were fashionable in the 80s.




Step 9

Drawing feet isn’t an easy job. Luckily our character is leaning against limbs that appear like trees. Let’s draw the branches.




Step 10

Groot has a distinct texture. It’s like a tree, but more flexible. We can remember from Marvel films and comics that this character is very mobile. Let’s draw the contours of the texture. They are like oblique and smooth lines.




Step 11

We will continue to follow the steps on drawing Groot. In this section, we will add an image of wood. It should be like our sample.




Step 12

In this stage, we’ll be adding colors. In case you’re not aware, Groot’s color scheme is similar to the colors of the typical Tree. Be aware of the dark highlights of the eyes, it is an extremely important aspect that makes the drawing look more vibrant.




This was a step-by-step guide on drawing Groot. We hope that this was a simple drawing instruction. If you encounter any difficulties with our guide, write us in the comments regarding it. We’ll take into consideration your suggestions in the subsequent posts.


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