Hello! We chose to draw the iconic Green Goblin. It is the Golden Age of comics and the best.

We read your comments and were asked to draw your beloved Green Goblin. We used John Romita sr. as a sample. Let’s get started with how you draw the classic Green Goblin.

Step 1
We start with the skeleton. Draw the head as an oval. Next, draw the spine in a slightly curvy shape. Remember to draw the feet and hands.

Step 2
This step adds volume to the body of Green Goblin. First, draw the lines for facial symmetry. This will allow us to draw facial features. Connect the pelvis and chest. Use circles to draw the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Use modified cylindrical shapes to draw arms and legs. Next, give your hands and feet a more correct form.

Step 3
Let’s start with the Green Goblin’s face. Draw bing and the demented eye. These should be scary and insane. Draw the hooked nose, big mouth, and sharp teeth. You can add some wrinkles to your face. You can see the same face and image as in the lesson How to Draw the Hobgoblin.

Step 4
Now we will finish drawing the head of the Green Goblin. The shapes of the face can be drawn. Next, draw the ears. After you have drawn the ears, create the long headdress that tapers at the tip.

Step 5
Draw the torso for the Green Goblin. As in the example, add a lot more folds. The bag is drawn and hangs from the strap. Draw the belt thinly and trace the clothing around the pelvis. As you did with the torso, add some folds.

Step 6
Draw the arms. You can clearly see the deltoids, biceps, parts of the triceps, and muscles of the forearms. Next, fold the long gloves with lots of folds. Draw the hands accurately. The pumpkin explosion is drawn at the end. It looks similar to a Halloween pumpkin.

Step 7
Draw the legs the same as the arms of the Green Goblin. Draw the legs’ muscles with precision. The boots should have sharp, raised-up toe caps. As with all clothing, add some folds.

Step 8
It’s all about shadows. These are classic comic shadows. These shadows are dark and contrasty.

The drawing lesson on how you draw Green Goblin has ended. Don’t forget to sign up for our social networks, and to share this drawing lesson. Your support is what motivates us to create new drawing lessons.

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