How To Draw Green Arrow Step by Step -

How To Draw Green Arrow Step by Step

How To Draw Green Arrow Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Princess Leia from Star Wars

Step 1

Let’s first draw the fundamental line of the body’s structure. They are the bones, and the small circles represent joints. These are things that will help build him up, without exceeding the anatomy.

Step 2

Then, using the structures create some basic shapes for the body. This step will provide you with an outline of his body before you move on to the specifics. Pay attention to how the body’s shape is affected by the joints.

Step 3

Now you’re fully prepared for the details. The first is his face. He should have a glam beard, a Robin Hood-like helmet, and also an identity mask to conceal his identity. Try to create an elegant appearance, with a focus on the contours of the face and head.

Step 4

Move to the upper part of his body. It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge in this process if you keep your eyes on what you have outlined in the second step for your body shape. Only you can determine what you want him to wear to match his outfit So let your imagination take over. This is exactly what I would like him to look. Make sure to fold the clothing.

Step 5

Draw the remainder part of the lower body. Yes, the initial two steps will aid you far more than you believe in thisregard, so remember these steps.

Step 6

Now let’s finish him off with some additional details and equipment like bows and arrows for his hands and back.

Step 7

Get rid of the mess and you’ll have the most amazing archer of the DC Comics world ready for color. Best of luck to you and your friends.

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