How to draw grass

Grass is a easy but very abundant kind of plant. At first thought, the simplicity of grass would possibly make one conclude that grass is effortless adequate to draw, even in a practical way.

The given tutorial has explained how to draw different views of grass with their single-strand and batch of strands. While drawing any scenery, the landscape we use to draw grasses around and on the horizon, you will get help with this at that time.

Grass is ubiquitous – in most components of the world, grass is everywhere. This plant covers the floor we stroll on, feeds us, feeds the animals we eat, and manages to live to tell the tale in the most adverse of environments – such as a crack in the warm metropolis sidewalk

Perhaps you have in no way notion about it before, however lifestyles as we understand it would now not be viable barring this humble plant. Grasses make a contribution to the oxygen we breath, with grasslands overlaying almost 1/2 of the earth’s non-icy land area.

Grasses have supplied staple vegetation all through human history, which include corn, wheat, rice, and different grains. Have you eaten a grass product today?

If you have had cereal, bread, pasta, rice, or tortillas, you actually have. Beer, which has been produced for over 4,000 years, would no longer exist besides this plant.

In famous culture, grass continues to play a role. A inexperienced cultivated garden has come to be considered as a image of affluence.

Grasses are additionally the theme of many maxims, including, “the grass is continually greener on the different side” and “a snake in the grass.” In art, grasses usually count on a assisting position as the greenery under the subject’s feet.

Would you like to add such greenery to your very own drawings? Doing so is handy with the assist of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will want is a pencil and a sheet of paper.

How to draw grass Step-By-Step

It’s usually brilliant to get to spend some time backyard having enjoyable on the grass! Even even though we all see grass notably tons each day, when you get surely shut to it there is a lot of fascinating stuff to see.

Insect societies, cool rocks and plenty of special grass sorts can all be located when you get in close. Learning how to draw grass can be a extraordinary way to think about what may be dwelling between the blades.

1st Step:

In this first step of our guide on how to draw grass, we will be getting up close with the blades as we draw this grassy scene!

First, however, we need some ground for the grass to be growing out of. We will be using an irregular, curvy line for the ground to start with.

Then, we will be drawing some flat round shapes for some stones and pebbles on the ground.

That’s all for now, so let’s move on to the grass in the next step of the guide!

2nd Step:

For the second part of your grass drawing, we will start drawing the grass itself. To draw this grass, we will be starting with three blades.

These blades will be drawn with some curved lines that have sharp points at the tops of them. The blade on the left will be bent over while the one in the middle will be curved.

Finally, the blade on the right will have a gap on the side, as we will be drawing some more blades against it later on.

3rd Step:

We will be adding some more blades of grass in this step of our guide on how to draw grass. Some of these blades will be positioned differently to others, so we will go over each blade individually.

There will be two blades that overlap each other and go into that space that you left in the blades that you drew in the previous step.

Then, we will add another slightly bent blade with another behind it. Finally, draw one more blade that bends over itself quite sharply at the end of the row of grass.

That will finish off all of the blades, so next we will start to add to some background detailing in the next step.

4th Step:

Now that you have drawn all of the grass, we will focus on some background detailing for your grass drawing.

First, we will use some rounded lines for some large stones in the background of the picture. Then, we can use some more curved and sharply pointed lines for some smaller little blades of grass beside the larger ones.

Finally, you can finish off by using some line detail on the ground around the grass to give it some more texture detail.

Then you’re ready to add some final details in the next part! Before you do that, you could also add some background details of your own.

Perhaps you could draw some insects or other small animals buzzing and playing in the background or add even more grass to go along with the drawing.

You could even draw some of your favorite flowers to the image to give it even more vibrancy!

5th Step:

We shall be finishing off some final details in this step of our guide on how to draw grass.

First, add some simple line detailing onto each individual blade of grass, and these lines will start from around the halfway point of each blade.

You could also add some more fine detail such as weathering or little holes where bugs may have nibbled on the blades.

The next step will be the final part of the guide where you finish off with some colors, so this is your chance to add any final touches that you may want for the picture! When you’re ready to move on, it’ll be time for the final step.

6th Step:

This sixth and final step of your grass drawing will be all about finishing off your artwork with some colors!

In our reference image, we used some more muted tones such as browns, greys, and greens for a more earthy look to the picture.

Even if you go for a similar color scheme, there is a lot that you can do to inject some of your favorite bright colors into the mix.

If you drew any background details or added a background, then that gives you lots of opportunities to get creative with color.

You can also achieve some color variation by playing around with your favorite art mediums and tools.

For outdoor, nature-themed pictures like this one it can often look great to have the softer colors of watercolor paint, but any mediums you choose will bring something to the picture!

We look forward to seeing what you choose to finish off your grass drawing.


You have done all six steps of this information on how to draw grass, and we hope that it was once a lot of fun!

Drawing some thing like grass might also appear like it have to be certainly easy, however it can frequently be tremendously hard when you get down to it.

In this guide, we aimed to destroy it down into small steps so it wouldn’t be challenging and would let you center of attention on the enjoyable parts!

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