How To Draw Graffiti Lips

How To Draw Graffiti Lips

Step one:

Begin by drawing the lining of the bottom portion of the upper lip. The lines are straight and inclined, so if you want to draw them using an ruler, you are able to use it. Start on the left and then work your way upwards and around, then down.

Step two:

Then, draw the lip on top and ensure that the lip isn’t too thin nor too thick.

Step three:

Instead of the lip on the bottom the top lip will be drawn in the sleek tooth shape. The mouth of this graffiti design will be wide.

Step four:

We will draw the same as what we have done when we draw our top lip. This time we will draw the upper portion of the lower lip. This is a step where you draw straight-angled lines.

Step five:

To finish the shape of your mouth, you’ll draw the lower lip.

Step six:

Now , let’s get to the details. The marks will be highlighted and glossed. The shape of bubbles on the lips are the ones where you’ll get the gloss effect. the rest of the marks are used to define the texture. If you’ve made mistakes, you can erase them right now.

Step seven:

In the absence of coloring This is the way your mouth appears. If you’d like to color your mouth, which I’m sure you will then apply it today.

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