How to draw goth

How to draw goth

Step 1:

Begin by sketching the shapes and guides for your goth girl’s body frame. You can also draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Draw the structure and shape of her face. Once you are done, draw the eyebrows. Next, draw the lines for her eyes. You can also add the neckline.

Step 3:

Finish her eyes by drawing in the eyeballs with long, bold lashes. The piercings can also be used to pierce the nose and mouth. The piercings are in the eyebrow and in her lips.

Step 4:

Draw the shape of her head, then draw in her long straight hair. Let’s move on to the next step.

Step 5:

The shirt will be our first focus on the body. She is wearing a fitted top with a ruffled sleeves that fits to her torso. You can add some wrinkles, folds, and crinkles to the shirt. Also, you can use some of the bottom-lining for the shirt.

Step 6:

Next, draw her arm with all details. You can add details where necessary.

Step 7:

Add her torso, which is her bust. Next, draw the net arm sock that almost covers the entire arm. The bottom half of her body, which is her butt and thighs, can also be addressed. Add wrinkles, folds, and creases to her clothes.

Step 8:

Finally, add the pentagon star and hoop earrings to the earrings. You are done!

Step 9:

When you’re done, here is the line art. You are done when you color in the drawing.

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