How To Draw Goth Boys

How To Draw Goth Boys

Step one:

Begin by adding the guidelines. Draw these guidelines lightly, they’ll help to draw the body correctly anatomically.

Step two:

Let’s sketch a goth-style profile face. Begin with the facial features first, and then following the instructions as you go.

Step three:

Then then, pull the hand and arm, as well as the.

Step  four:

Then, draw the torso region as well as the shirt.

Step five:

We will now draw the frontal side of the goth guy who has hair that is long.

Step six:

Draw the shoulders and draw them as and the necklace as the cross.

Step seven:

Then then, cross his arms as the picture below. Be sure to leave space for the wristband he’s wearing.

Step eight:

Then Draw the shirt and then draw the upside-down crosses over it.

Step nine:

Let’s sketch his legs which will make his jeans nice and slack with harnesses that are attached too.

Step ten:

Draw the pattern of stripes on his shirt. You may leave this step out in case you don’t want to draw this pattern. You can also draw images on his shirt should you wish!

Step eleven:

If you’re happy with the sketch If you are satisfied with your sketch, you should be able to make something like this! I hope that this was an enjoyable tutorial. I really enjoyed creating it:)

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