Hello! Today, we’ve prepared new drawing lessons on The Mortal Kombat universe. In this drawing lesson, will teach how to draw the art of drawing Goro. Goro is a symbol of the half-dragon race that is also known as “shokan”. Shokan’s are an ancient race from the Outworld. They are a fierce species that have combat abilities. The average growth rate of Shokan is 250 cm, and the weights can go over 1000 kg. Goro was a character in the very first Mortal Kombat game and was regarded by all players as being one of the more brutal and gruesome bosses of the game.

Step 1
A little bit concerning the size. Goro is a structurally complex figure. of the figure. Goro is a man with four hands and his head is unusually tiny, and he also has enormous trapezoid muscles as well as legs.

The limbs’ features are also apparent – large hands, the palms are just three fingers and his feet only have 2 fingers (recalls Ninja Turtles). However, note that it’s the second hand that is what makes our monster unique. If it wasn’t for this feature of his physical appearance the figure of our monster could be misinterpreted as an athletic body of an athlete.

We begin by drawing the guide of the head by using a circle. Then, trace out the outline of the body (skeleton) by drawing simple lines.

Step 2
In the second step, add the huge volume of the image, we’ll create a silhouette visible using stickman lines however before that, mark up the head. The vertical lines represent the face’s symmetry that will split an equal face. create three lines horizontally that will represent the nose, eyes, and mouth as well as mouth. There is another characteristic of the face: an extremely tiny gap between the eye line and the line of the nose. We will outline the hair tuft in the hair of Goro.

Draw the contours of the arms. The arms comprise a variety of components:

The upper arm
Then, draw the torso. sketch it using the lines of a stickman. Don’t lose the shape of the body. It is a sharp downward narrowing and then extended toward the sides and neck. This is due to the large chest muscles and the narrow waist. By drawing a triangular form, you can draw the groin region. Draw the legs with the cylinders.

Step 3
Silhouette is done, we can begin with a precise sketch that reflects our Goro. The drawing will be a top-down approach, starting from the foot to the head. So, we’ll tackle the face of the monster. Following the rules from the earlier step, draw the eyebrows that are low and overhanging, a very small nose, and the contours of enormous lips that are fleshy and full of.

In this case, we can observe the nasolabial folds running from the nostril down. Draw the shapes of the ears. they’ll be slightly larger than human ears. The ears are also made of pointed shape, much like the fairy-tale characters. We’ll explore this later in the process.

Step 4
Draw the final facial features. Eliminate any additional guidelines Draw the protruding and large cheekbones as well as cheekbones. Draw a hair tuft to the forehead of Goro. If you draw hair that is long, there’s a principle that is equally important to draw the delicate girls and not the most fragile monsters – long hair is drawn from the roots towards the ends. Don’t forget the tiny spikes located at the top of the skull.

Step 5
We draw the muscles of the body. It is important to note that this is extremely complicated, so we’ll only draw the outlines and then press lightly the pencil.

The biggest and largest muscles in the chest. beneath them, are muscles that make up the crust. This includes abdominal muscles, the infamous “cubes” as well as the lines of the obliques muscles.

Step 6
Mark the lines of your torso. Eliminate the lines of the body of Goro. Check your drawing against our illustration and then try to duplicate the lines in the upper torso. If all is in the order you are able to safely trace the lines of the Goro’s torso. Goro and continue.

Step 7
Draw the top two arms. We must understand the primary muscles of the arms. We talked about them in the 2nd step of our drawing class which was the biceps deltoid and triceps. Note how vibrant and noticeable appears rounded biceps appear on your right side, which is a bit different from our perspective. Triceps muscles are almost unnoticeable because of the reversal of the arm. However, in actual fact, it’s the biggest muscle in the arm.

Notice the fascinating point – the forearms appear larger than the shoulders It is particularly visible on the right arm from ours. Don’t forget to put broad bracelets on your wrists.

Step 8
For the lower and upper arms, do the exercises like the one you did in the earlier step. The shape of the biceps and triceps and forearm and deltoid are similar to the upper set of arms, despite the fact they bend slightly less.

Step 9
Draw the right leg and the groin away from us. Don’t forget to write the yin-yang symbol on your belt. Draw the thigh muscle and be particular about the muscle line that runs through the entire region that is the part of your thigh.

Draw the knee as well as lines of the calf muscles. Utilizing a series of horizontal lines and fabric strips, draw them across the lower leg’s shin. Draw the feet as well (note that only one of the fingers is bigger than the other).

Step 10
Draw the groin and left leg out from us in a similar way to the earlier steps. The hair on the head is longer and darker. Make shadows on the neck and underarms on the right. Draw spots that are on the forearms and the shoulders Goro.

The lesson about the art of drawing Goro has ended. If you are a fan of horrifying and horrific villains, you should look over the tutorial on drawing Darth Vader, Venom, and Joker. Sign up for our news and updates and keep following us!

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