Hello, dear friends! We’re happy to offer you a drawing lesson on a character from the world of Mickey Mouse. In our previous drawing lessons, we showed that you could draw Mickey Mouse along with Pluto Today, we will teach how to draw Goofy. the art of drawing Goofy.

Step 1
The first step is to select a pose that best represents our character. In our case, Goofy is standing with his arms extended and shoulders. Then, using lines of light, create an oval head shoulder, spine, and limbs.

Step 2
Now let’s give a sound to Goofy’s body. Goofy. Let’s now give an amount on the body Goofy. One of the first things we will do is draw the body of Goofy with long legs and arms. Draw hands hands

Similar to mittens and feet with elongated legs.

Step 3
We begin to work on The head of Goofy. We need to draw an upper and lower jaw, the upper portion of which resembles a W letter while the jaw below is the curvature of a line.

Step 4
We continue to work on our head, which is Goofy. By drawing an oval, we can draw the nose. With two squares, we sketch the eyes. Then sketch the eyes in the shape of two large agglomerated ovals. Draw the pupils and eyebrows.

Step 5
Continue to learn drawing Goofy. Here is the hat, which is made up of two pieces. The lower one is like a cylinder stretching to the top, and the middle part is similar to the bone.

Step 6
In this stage, we complete working on Goofy’s head. Goofy. We first need to remove all guides from the head. Then, we draw all the hairlines like in our illustration. Draw three hairs over the eyebrows. Add some wrinkles on the chin and nose.

Step 7
Continue through the body part of Goof. The first step is to sketch the outline of the iconic waistcoat. Then draw the cuffs on the waist and neck. Then, fold in some folds and erase the lines.

Step 8
The arms are drawn here by Goofy. Draw the cuffs of the wrists, and add wrinkles over the Sheldon. Then, we draw our fingers, which look like sausages. Don’t forget to put the ears on to our Goofy.

Step 9
In the final step, We draw legs for Goofy. Draw short and wide pants as we did in our illustration. Include some folds in the pants. At the close of the process, we sketch Goofy’s famous shoe. Goofy. Draw the outline then draw the sole. make some folds.

Drawing lessons on drawing Goofy One of the most popular cartoon characters ever was completed. If you enjoyed this lesson, please share it with your friends, check out other cartoon drawing lessons, and join us on social networks.

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