Hi! Today we’ll draw an image of Tekken 3. This cute creature isn’t popular in the world but everyone who is an enthusiast in the Tekken universe is in love with him. Let’s draw Gon an adorable creature from Manga and the Tekken series.

Step 1
Then draw the head. The head is like an ordinary circle on the top and tiny left of the list. Following this, draw a long, curving line. This line was drawn starting at the top of the head.

You can guess that this line forms the primary contour of the body of Gon. The previous step of this process is drawing two lines that are perpendicular to each other.

Step 2
When drawing this part, it’s essential to follow the steps. Begin by drawing the mouth like the shape of a circular shape. Draw a body border (just two straight lines that extend from the head to the tail). Following this, trace the hind paws. Examine these parts of your body. The hind paws are massively and powerful, however, the front paws are tiny and shorter.

Don’t forget to mention that Gon has almost the same proportions as the common dragon.

Step 3
In this phase, we’ll draw the eyes and then the mandible. The maxilla has a greater thickness than the mandible. Another point – the eye is made up of two lines. One line is straight, the other top line is straight, and the lower line is round.

Step 4
Okay, now it’s time to utilize. The way to draw details is drawn in the direction of the head to the tail.

Step 5
Let’s draw the lines of the hound’s paws. Draw enormous claws like we are able to see in our photo.

Step 6
In this process, you will need to create a crest on the back. Note that the smaller segments are on the side. In this process, you need to create a horizontal flat segment that passes through the ventral part of the body of the Gon.

Step 7
The final step of the tutorial involves drawing extremely subtle shadows.

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