How To Draw Gollum from Lord of the Rings LOTR

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw a Realistic Toucan with Color Pencils

Draw a circle to represent the top of Gollum’s head , and then draw a triangle underneath it, drawing a line that runs from at the top towards his neck. The line shouldn’t be straight, but it should be in line with its contours around the face. Draw a line the place where the eyes will be and also a line to mark his nose and mouth.

Step 2

Draw the nose and eyes of the boy and teeth and mouth. Sketch the shape of his ears. Draw some important facial features like the jaw. Draw the torso of his.

Step 3

Begin drawing his head after you’ve figured out the correct sketch. The eyes are bright, but blurred around his eyes. I have deleted my initial guidelines, but they may aid in drawing if you do not erase them. It will aid you draw 3D. Additionally, I took out a few directions for my arm.

Step 4

Continue to keep his neck and head covered. Pay attention to the lines and wrinkles of his face.

Step 5

Apply the paint to his hair , then make a shade of the body. Draw the spots that he has on his face, particularly around the mouth. Now , he’s beginning to look quite attractive.

Step 6

Shade your body so there is a clear view of the ribs, bones in his neck, other similar. I utilized a diagonal shade to hide the arm’s skin.

Step 7

Complete shading your feet. Mix the tones of your skin the way you want to. Make the highlights clearer using the kneading eraser. Darken the tones you have lost because of blurring. Add any final additions you’d like, and also incorporate background if you like.

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