A very fascinating and, at the same time, a horrifying character from Family Guy is Glenn Quagmire one of the most likable pals of Peter Griffin. So, let’s get started with the instruction on drawing Glenn Quagmire.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the eyes, making them circles. Then draw the eyelids as well as dots.

Step 2
Then, draw a typical hairstyle. Draw a small ear and eyebrows that are above the eyes.

Step 3
Draw the long mouth, nose, and teeth protruding from our character.

Step 4
Now, we have to draw a large round chin, that appears like the chin of John Travolta.

Step 5
Then draw a slim neck and a collar, as well as shoulders, and the short sleeves of a t-shirt.

Step 6
Draw the short and thin arms. Then, in the same way, we trace the outline of the shirt.

Step 7
An easy step that we must make floral patterns on the shirt as well as an opening at the back.

Step 8
Then draw the outline of the legs that are slightly curled by drawing dark and clear lines.

Step 9
Here is the final step, where we have to draw the shoes that are angular.

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