How to Draw Girl Pennywise the Clown

How to Draw Girl Pennywise the Clown

Step 1:

Draw three different shapes for the body and head as shown here. After that, you can draw the facial contours.

Step 2:

Next, draw the face shape you want to use the first sketch you’ve made. Because this is a female face, the face should appear more feminine. The ears should be drawn in and then draw in the hairline. Look for the hairline that is in the middle of the hairline.

Step 3:

Now, before we begin by drawing the facial features, we’ll need to draw the collar ruffled and then a portion of the body, which also takes the form of arms and sleeves with ruffled ruffles. Make the arm extended and her hand and string using balloons.

Step 4:

Include the remaining balloons and add some details to them, too.

Step  5:

Now it’s time to get going on the face. Begin by drawing the large eyes, then add the makeup liner too. After that, it is time to draw the clown’s mouth and nose, and finally the lips. Also, when drawing the lips , do it in a clown fashion.

Step 6:

Draw the rest of your body, that is a skirt, not pants. Ruffled skirts with layers. Include a few crinkles as well.

Step 7:

Draw your feet and legs. The pants look puffy beneath the skirt.

Step 8:

Finally, draw the hair pigtails of Pennywise Girl, which are large and long. The bands should be placed on the top of each hair pigtail.

Step 9:

After all the erasers are gone, this is how the line art should appear like. Coloring is fun with your own female versions of Pennywise the Clown from IT.

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