With the aid of just a few easy steps, the team of will teach you the art of drawing anime’s hair male and female. editors and artists are eager to teach you how to draw anime for all occasions. On our site, we’re planning to develop lessons on specific characters as well as basic tutorials on how to create the character of anime including this lesson on drawing the hair of anime.

Step 1

Even though this tutorial is specifically devoted to drawing hair from anime, however, we must draw the head since it is unlikely that we draw hair from anime flying in the air. The head of anime characters could be any form, but we chose to draw the most common, which is like an egg inverted by lines of light.

Step 2

Light lines show the shape that the haircut will have. Whatever anime hairstyle you’re creating, the most important thing is to show the basic outline. The hair of anime is usually extremely expressive, so you should depict the anime hairstyle using thin, yet lengthy and expressive lines.

Step 3

Then let’s enhance the detail of the hair. Begin by drawing more lines and marking the position of the hair’s crown. You can also make some of the hair stand out to add more character to your hair sketch. Additionally, using lines that are clear sketch the hairstyle of the anime as illustrated in the example below.

Step 4

Then, use an eraser to eliminate all guidelines that are not needed for your hair. Then, you can draw the hair’s roots in a line. You can then draw shadows to make the hair drawing more detailed as well as three-dimensional and solid.

We have already shown you ways to draw the hair of anime of a man. below, we’ll show you three steps to draw the hair of the anime of females.


Step 1

Like the drawing before we will draw the head of anime with an egg-like form. It is also possible to draw a sketch of a neck.

Step 2

With the aid of smooth and long lines, sketch the outline of the hair. In this example, it hairstyle is called a long-bob cut.

Step 3

Then, remove any unnecessary guidelines on the face. It is also possible to add shadows as you did in the previous illustration.

Above, you will draw basic sketches, using the aid of which you can draw every male and female haircut. For instance, below, you will find a variety of examples of haircuts drawn using the technique that we discussed above.

Make an effort to draw anime hair of various types from various viewpoints, using the imagination, from photography, and also from memories. Explore our category “Anime” on to keep learning more about the art of animation.

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