In this easy drawing tutorial, The team of artists from will teach the user ways to draw princesses simply and fast. To make the drawing process of the princess as much as possible, we have divided this lesson into ten simple steps each one consisting of the most simple steps.

Step 1

The first step is to sketch a stickman or “skeleton” of the princess to serve as the foundation of the next drawings of the princess. We will begin with the head, drawing its shape as an oval. Then, we’ll move to the torso, drawing the spine, and on this, we put the pelvis and the chest. By drawing a few lines, we sketch out the legs and arms.


Step 2

The guidelines should be drawn on the head. They will assist us in locating the face’s center and show the eyes at similar levels. Then, draw the neck of a girl with a thin outline and the body of the girl.

. The torso must be reduced at the waist and then extended to the hips.



Step 3

In the shape consisting of two balls draw the shoulders. Also, in the form, of simple cylindrical shapes, sketch the upper legs that the princess. Draw the hands in the same way as in our illustration. With the aid of a few lines draws the princess’s dress.


Step 4

Utilizing the horizontal line drawn in the next stage Make big with expressive eyes. Below, you can mark an eye with one elegant line, and full lips. Then sketch eyebrows using just two lines and sketch the hairstyle. Make sure to draw the crown.


Step 5

Then outline the major particulars of the clothing that the princess wears. Draw a neckline on the chest as well as the pattern as sketched in the illustration, drawn by the designers of After that, look at the arms and draw the curvaceous features of the garments on the forearms and shoulders.


Step 6

Utilizing dark clean lines meticulously trace the contours of the head and face as illustrated in the example. Draw the pupils in a way that makes the look of the princess more expressive. With the eraser, erase any unnecessary guidance from the head of the princess.


Step 7

Then repeat the same steps, however, using the female torso. Then, using the aid of dark lines, trace the torso to ensure that it looks neat and has a perfect appearance. To make the look more professional, you can remove any unnecessary guidelines from it.


Step 8

Following the lines of the torso, draw your shoulders, arms, and hand of the Princess. Be particular about the fingers of the princess (by the way, to find out more details about these fingers, refer to our tutorial on drawing hand drawings). Complete the lesson by removing any unnecessary instructions from the upper fingers.


Step 9

You can now draw the lines along the length of your dress. Then, take out any unnecessary additional guidelines and then make vertical folds like the designers of did. If everything went as planned then your princess art will look something like this.


Step 10

To make your drawing of your princess more realistic, include some shadows. For this, you need to use an easy and smooth shading technique, just like the artists at It is also possible to add color to your princess sketch, or create more layers of hatching to make your artwork larger.


It was an art-related instruction on drawing an elegant princess. Was this tutorial easy to follow or did you face any issues during the drawing of the princess? Tell us about it as well as the art guide you would like to read on the web pages of If you’d like to read more sketches, browse the category “For Beginners”, where you’ll find much informative and helpful content. Also, you can follow us on our social media channels which will provide numerous artworks as well as announcements about future articles.

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