What is the most exciting film, funny and atmospheric about ghosts? It’s definitely Ghostbusters. In one of our earlier lessons, we sketched the most well-known creature from the film The film’s most famous monster – the Stay at Puft Marshmallow Man, and this time we’ll show you how to draw the Ghostbusters emblem.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the head in the shape of a pear, and then draw a body in the shape of an oval (or the oval).

Step 2
We now draw the vague outline of the separated arms of the ghost.

Step 3
Draw the top of the head. Draw an expression of surprise.

Step 4
Draw a circle in the back, and then draw a strip that is overlapping our ghost.

Step 5
Utilize an eraser to erase any unnecessary lines and color the eyebrows, eyes and mouth.

How do you draw the Ghostbusters Logo? You now have the ability to draw it much better than we! As you might imagine, this isn’t the final lesson on Ghostbusters. In the coming years, we’ll draw more characters and objects from this unique and intriguing universe.


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