How To Draw George Washington Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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In our George Washington drawing tutorial introduction drawing people in real life can be difficult to do it right.

Fortunately, George Washington has a distinctive look visually which could help.

In the beginning, we’ll begin by drawing a sketch of the face of the person. Utilizing the reference image to guide you then, you can make some curly lines to define his hairline on the left.

Then , we’ll add some curves to define his forehead and facial contour. To finish this outline of the head, we’ll then draw some straight lines for his collar and shoulders.

After this sketch is completed then we can begin making more detailed sketches of his face in the following few steps.

Step 2: Draw some of his features

We’ll draw facial characteristics to complete the George Washington drawing in this next step.

We’ll make a curly and rough line for the hairline that extends from the left side of his collar upwards and all around the face.

We’ll use a different curving line to mark the top of his collar. We’ll after that, we’ll add another line to define his jawline and chin. The next part will be the eyes of his.

This is often the most difficult part to draw, since the eyes are an essential element in defining faces. This makes it so crucial to draw real-life faces.

Try to replicate the lines that we used to draw the eyes of our model and then try to locate them as they appear.

In the final step, you will need to draw thick lines to draw lines that surround the eyes of your child. It is possible to finish by drawing the nose of your child before proceeding.

Step 3: Next draw the mouth, and any other particulars

After having the eyes and nose drawing, you can also add facial features to this part in this George Washington drawing course.

We’ll begin this 3rd step with drawing the mouth of our character. This is a simple thing to draw and could be added with a few simple lines.

After drawing the mouth after which we can add some shading to the face. This feature can be drawn by using black shapes on the face’s side.

We’ll draw additional lines on his shoulders before going on.

Step 4 – Add additional shading to this step

This sketch by George Washington has begun to look like George Washington himself! This and the subsequent steps in this tutorial, we’ll add additional highlights to the shoulders and hair.

The first shadow we add will be on the bottom of the hair that follows.

Then , we’ll paint some shadows on his chest and shoulders. Utilize some large, curly designs on these areas and try to recreate them like the ones shown in our illustration.

This can help to create wrinkles within the fabrics of his clothing. In the next stage, we’ll work on the final specifics.

Step 5 – Add Final Strokes to Your George Washington Drawing

Before we apply some hue to this drawing We have some last elements to complete this part to the George Washington drawing lesson.

In the beginning, we’ll add some texture to the hair. To achieve this, draw some curves or thickness on the top and sides of his hair to give some dimension to the hair.

In the end, the painting will be completed with an elongated detail on the shirt to give the shirt a few folds. After you’ve completed these steps then you’ll be ready for the next step!

Before proceeding, you may make a few more sketches. An interesting idea is to draw the outline of the shape of a dollar bill! What else could you think of adding to this picture?

Step 6: Finish the George Washington drawing with some colors

Now is the time to finish this sketch on George Washington with some color!

We’ve made sure that the colors are somewhat more natural in our sample image but you can choose any color you’d like to finish it.

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