How to draw Geisha Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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The body frame will be drawn beginning with the head shape , and then sketch the body poses guidelines.

Step 2
In this illustration, you can draw the outline of the face of the geisha like it and then trace the lines of her hair and ears.

Step 3
We can begin drawing the face using eyes and eyebrows. Draw the nose, mouth, lips.

Step 4
She has drawn her face towards the back. The only thing we need to draw is the hairstyle that’s worn to the back. Draw a long neck , and proceed to step five.

Step 5
The next step is to concentrate on our shoulders and after that you can draw your chest or the torso. A well-fitting kimono adds the sexy appeal of this particular geisha. Include a seam in an opening on the back of the kimono, and you’re ready to move to the sixth step.

Step 6
We will now draw the hips and the remainder of the Kimono. Create folds and folds on the middle of her kimono, and then draw her thighs in and ankles.

Step 7
Then we’ll put on the hanging sleeves that hang low. Attach a trim at the end of the sleeve. You can proceed to step eight.

Step 8
The final step is all you need be doing is to draw on the remainder of your body: the left hand and left arm and the right hand the foot, and finally the shoe. Make sure to draw the attention of her followers. Take out the mistakes and directions then , add the rest of the details.

Step 9
It’s line art. You can now paint her or even make beautiful backgrounds for her.

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