How to Draw Gary the Snail from SpongeBob -

How to Draw Gary the Snail from SpongeBob

How to Draw Gary the Snail from SpongeBob

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Okay, so you can imagine , drawing Gary the snail is extremely simple. Start by drawing a perfect circle to match how your shell is designed. Draw two smaller circles to form the eyes. Then, you’ll add two lines, and a facial shape is drawn after that. The final step is drawing the portion of his body that is that is shown in this image.

Step 2
What do you think of this far? It’s not difficult, I’m sure. Now you can finish the lining of Gary’s body form, crawling around on the floor as well as the ground. A cute smile. Then you can create swirls on his shell like you see here.

Step 3
You have completed the final drawing step . What you’ll need to do now is to draw spots onto the shell, and then increase the thickness of the swirl. Give him eyes with solid pupils, and then expand the eye sockets that they are stuck inside. Then, you’ll draw vertical lines to represent the teeth and curly lines to define its body. Eliminate all the basic principles and shapes you sketched in the first step.

Step 4
This is how your finished work will look like once you’re finished. The only thing left now is to color it. You’ve learned how you can draw Gary The snail in SpongeBob Squarepants step by step. I’ll return soon with even more incredible drawing games, so if you’re an artist, please stick around as I’ll be back.

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