How to Draw Garfield -

How to Draw Garfield

How to Draw Garfield

This guide will show you how to draw Garfield. He loves tasty food and lots of variety. He loves lasagna but will eat anything with raisins. We all know the character from the comedy film of that name. Let’s get to it!

Garfield Drawings

Step 1: Sketch the Outlines for the Head

First, draw a large, round shape that looks like an asymmetrical, flattened oval. Place the future cat’s head just above the middle of the paper sheet.




Step 2: Sketch the outline of the body

Draw a small torso. It is a little like a heart sign. The characteristic feature of many cartoon styles is that the body of the character is smaller than its head.




Step 3 – Draw Garfield’s eyes

Garfield has two rounded eyes. These large oval shapes occupy the central part of the head. These figures should be as close to the head as possible.




Step 4 – Draw Garfield’s Ears

Draw the ears of your cat. First, draw two small ovals. Next, add a few arcs to the reference. Garfield’s ears look very different from those of normal cats.




Step 5: Draw Garfield’s Nose and Pupils

Let’s continue our guide on how you draw Garfield. Let’s start with the small details. Two dots should be drawn within Garfield’s eyes. Next, add a round outline to the nose.




Step 6 – Draw Garfield’s Sheeks

Did you know that cats’ cheeks are like smiles? This rule works even with cartoon cats, as you can see. Draw Garfield’s cheeks, and draw the outline of the mustache.




Step 7 – Draw the Front of the Arm

Garfield’s paws, however, are quite different from those of other cats. Draw a vertical outline for the front paw. This is similar to an arm in a human.




Step 8 – Draw the back of the arm

Draw Garfield’s front paw. Now, draw the rear edge of that limb. Use straight lines. Garfield’s finger is the roundest and roundest.




Step 9 – Draw Garfield’s legs

Draw the outline of Garfield’s hind legs. You will probably see similar techniques quite often, with long and thin legs that are typical of cartoon style.




Step 10 – Draw the tops of Garfield’s Paws

Draw the upper part of the rounded paws. Pay close attention to the lengths of these smooth lines. As a guide, Garfield’s head or torso can be used.




Step 11 – Sketch Garfield’s Feet

Draw the lower part of Garfield’s feet. The large, round toes are formed by the anterior paws. The heels are rounded and the feet have straight lines.




Step 12 – Sketch Garfield’s Tail

Garfield’s tail is large and massive. This tail is hung down and rests on a table. Let’s draw it using smooth lines.




Step 13 – Delete the Guide Lines

Garfield’s dark stripes are well-known. These stripes should be drawn and you should also pay attention to the stripes on the forehead and tail. Take a look at the sketch after you have completed this drawing.




Step 14 – Color Garfield

You can use traditional colors to make Garfield look familiar. Or, you can create a completely new Garfield look. The base color is lighter than the shade used for the cheeks and mouth.




The drawing is now complete! Garfield is, as usual, in a hilarious position. Your work was excellent. However, you should check to see if there are extra lines in the drawing. Let us know if you have any tips for creating feline coloring. The “cat” topic is not over, but there are many cats out there that we will draw.

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