How to Draw Gangster Bugs Bunny Step by Step -

How to Draw Gangster Bugs Bunny Step by Step

How to Draw Gangster Bugs Bunny Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Start by drawing some lines and shapes beginning at the top. Include guides for the arms and face Then draw two circles for hands, as the image below.

Step 2
We can now draw the outline of Bugs Bunny’s head. Since it’s a rabbit , it’s face has two parts. The head has eyes as well as eyebrows. This is followed by the facial structure is the lower portion of the face is where you can see the nose. The cheeks, mouth and lips. . You can clearly see, the faces of the face are painted with soft cheek hair as well as some fluffy hair on his head.

Step 3
The next step is to draw in clearly defined eyes and arched eyebrows. Next, draw the smaller lips, nose and mouth. This step will be completed by creating the last part of the shrug and his arms in the same way.

Step 4
Let’s look at how much you can draw after completing this step. It is evident that you’ll have to draw the ears of the Bug which causes his left-hand side to rotate. You can draw an outline on the lid of the mouth for his eyes, then add details to the bridge on his nose, draw the mouth, while holding cigarettes. You can pull out a cigar, and then long beards. Then draw the top liner of his gloved hand.

Step 5
The drawing is almost complete all you have to do is complete drawing the hands, and then draw precise lines on the big ears of the rabbit. Once you’re done you can color in the pupils, and then trace the mouths that will show up when you open your mouth. It is also necessary sketch some of the details of the cigar on the edge of the cigarette that his mouth is chewing on.

Step 6
The last and final step is the drawing stage that is the last one. All you need to do is sketch out the glove or right hand and then add the nice gold rings. You can paint the number of rings you like, but for me , I just sketched two. Once you’re done, draw an ethereal effect on the body of your character The effect will disappear over time. Remove the lines and designs you created in the first step.

Step 7
After you’ve finished then your own model is Gangster Bugs Bunny should look exactly like the one that you see here. All you need to do is paint him. I hope you’ve have enjoyed this video tutorial that showed students how you can draw the gangster Bigs Bunny.

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