How To Draw Gamora Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Draw these head and guide lines for the face.

Step 2

Draw the outline or shape of Gamora’s facial features as you can see in this image, and follow by drawing her hairline.

Step 3

Make her hairstyle as well as the contour that her hair will take. Hair should be parted as this. Follow this step four.

Step 4

Make sure to complete the hairstyle and the shape on the neck. Make the earlobes appear larger the hairstyle is complete.

Step 5

Make use of the facial guide to draw her cat eyes. When you’re done you can draw a nose outline and then draw her lips full and smile.

Step 6

The final step all you need to do is draw marks on her face and her eyebrows. Then, you can color in the marks and then erase any mistakes and directions.

Step 7

This is Gamora after she is finished. You can now colour Gamora to the highest quality.

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