Hello, comic book enthusiasts. As you’ve already learned today, we’ll demonstrate the art of drawing Gambit of the X-Men. Gambit can be described as one of the characters of the X-Men that appeared in films, comics, and animated films about the team.

Step 1
First, we must sketch the body of our superhero. Draw the head as a shape in the shape of an oval. Then outline the chest, spine, and pelvis. Then, sketch the legs and arms. If you’ve seen a video on the body of a man you know that in the initial steps we draw only light lines.

Step 2
Draw vertical lines that define the eye and an inverse vertical line that runs across the face. It is important to remember that these two lines must be in line with the exact area of the bridge of the nose. They should be roughly in the middle on the front. Draw the neck with a cylinder that is short. After that, sketch out the torso which tapers towards the waist.

Step 3
We keep expanding the size of our Gambit to make him look more like an actual mannequin. Draw out the shoulders as a series that is a circle, the arms in the shape of cylinders, and the hand shapes. With the right hand, sketch on the pencil. Next, draw out the legs as a series of elongated cylindrical cylinders. Then, draw the knees as circles.

Step 4
We’ll now add additional details to our Gambit beginning by making this move from our face. Or better by looking. Utilizing the horizontal line drawn in the previous step, carefully draw your eyes out, and eyebrows that are above your eyes.

Step 5
Drawing tutorial for the next time on the drawing process Gambit in X-Men. We continue drawing the face. Draw the nose gently by drawing a vertical line in the previous step. Then, under the nose, draw a mouth before moving on to step.

Step 7
Then let’s draw the face. Draw the ear out using lines of the auricle on the inside that converge into an unnaturally angular jawline. Draw the hair using the aid of curly lines and short lines. At the end of the process trace the lines of the Mask and neckline.

Step 8
We’ll now look at the upper torso in our Gambit. Draw the collar that is high on the coat. On the inside of the coat draw big and broad pectoral muscles as well as abdominal muscles.

Step 9
Draw designs on your collar as well as the part of the costume beneath the collar. Draw the sleeves using many folds on them and make fists with gloves. Near the conclusion of the exercise, draw a long, even stick.

Step 10
Draw your coat for the Gambit as we did in our illustration. It is important to note that the coat’s bottom is full of longitudinal folds. In addition, the coat that was used as a lab coat for reptiles was part of one of the earlier drawing classes similar to the Gambit coat.

Step 11
Eliminating all unnecessary and extra lines left from the beginning steps trace the outline of your legs. Keep in mind that the legs should slowly shrink in the area of the ankles and knees. Additionally, draw the oval knee pads.

Step 12
Then in the final stage of this drawing class, we complete drawing the legs. We must sketch the particulars of the costume as shown in the image below. In this lesson, we didn’t add shadows, however, you could apply this technique, for instance in the drawing lesson on Spider-Man.

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