The mythology of ancient Russia is incredibly fascinating and diverse. On our website, there are several characters from Russian mythology. We’ve already drawn characters like Koschei The Immortal as well bogatyr as well as Baba Yaga. In today’s lesson on drawing the Gamayun bird, we’ll demonstrate a unique character from Russian mythology.

Step 1
Because Gamayun is an animal that has a human head So, we’ll begin withdrawing our human heads. Draw an oval head, then draw two lines that intersect in the face.

Step 2
We are now sketching out an oval torso, and outlining the wings. With the aid of lines of light draw an outline for the wings.

Step 3
Then, using two long, curved lines, draw out the tree where Gamayun is situated. Draw out the legs and the tail.

Step 4
We’ll now move to the finer details. By orienting the lines that intersect in the facial area, draw the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Step 5
With the aid of curving lines, create ruffled hairs on the head. Make sure to remove all lines of the head.

Step 6
Let’s now move on to the specifics of the wings. With the aid of straight lines, we can sketch wings as well as feathers on the wings.

Step 7
With the aid of long, straight, and clear lines, draw the branches. Draw the tail and the sketch of the Gamayun bird is completed.

Humanity has been around for centuries and throughout its existence, humans have created a multitude of mythological characters that are very diverse. In the framework of our website we cannot draw all the characters invented by humans however, we’ll be able to draw the most fascinating of them, as well as those that you can write to us.

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