How to Draw Galaxy Diamond Lips

How to Draw Galaxy Diamond Lips

Step 1:

Begin with the basic “cross” for the guidelines for teeth and lips.

Step 2:

Then you can draw the mouth-shaped shape around the guidelines.

Step 3:

Then, draw around the lines of your mouth that you previously drawn to create lines for the lips top and bottom.

Step 4:

Staying within the confines of the guidelines that you’ve drawn in the first step, you can begin working on your teeth, drawing the lines of gum first, and then the actual tooth shape. It’s much simpler that way.

Step 5:

After that, starting by working on the lines that are outside of the diamond then work on the divided areas of the diamond’s design.

Step 6:

When you’re happy with the drawing you’ve made your own, erase the guidelines and trace the lines using the sharpie or pen. Thank you for taking part in this project, you guys! I really enjoyed coloring this design!

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