In this lesson, we’ll guide the user on what to draw Fry who is the main character in the show Futurama. A man in the 20th century who was a pizza delivery driver awoke in the XXX century having accidentally stepped into a cryogenic room and was frozen just before the year 2000.

Step 1
With the aid of simple lines, we trace the outline of a head and body that resembles an eggplant.

Step 2
Drawing very lightly, sketch out arms put into pockets and bent legs.

Step 3
With the aid of two large circles, draw pupils and eyes in the shape of simple dots. Draw a distinctive hunchback nose.

Step 4
Continue drawing heads – in this case, our mouths which flow effortlessly through the neck.

Step 5
It’s quite a tough stage – we’re required to create a distinctive hairstyle and the ear.

Step 6
Then, move to the torso. draw a collar. The front of the jacket, and an undershirt underneath the jacket.

Step 7
Then we draw the upper portion of the body by drawing the outline of the sleeves as well as the lower part of the jacket.

Step 8
Then, using a few simple lines, draw the legs, and then add two folds.

Step 9
The final step of the course on drawing Fry in Futurama is in which you draw round shoes.

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