How To Draw Frida Kahlo

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Drawing Hugh Hefner Step by Step

Drawing real people can be difficult which is especially relevant when confronted with the uniqueness of Frida Kahlo.

To simplify this for you, we’ll walk through each step and examine each element separately. We’ll start by focusing on the contouring of her head, as well as a few other minor aspects.

For the contour of her face We will draw a smooth line to draw her jawline, cheeks, and ears. Also, we will draw her hairline within this region, and this is drawn using smallerlines that are sharper.

We will then create eyebrows for her. The eyebrows of her are very large and distinct and we’ll add tiny lines between them as shown in the images of reference.

After drawing these elements then we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Then draw certain details on her face.

Now we will concentrate on the most difficult part of drawing a person: the details of their faces.

When you add these specifics in your Frida Kahlo sketch make sure to keep an check on our reference images to aid you.

Eyes are drawn by bringing the lids of her eyes slightly downwards which will make her appearance to be attractive and striking. Make sure to use a smooth line to shape the nostrils and nose.

Then, draw lips to finish face expression.

Before proceeding for step 3 you may draw some details inside the ear of your child, as shown in the image of reference.

Step 3. Make a hairline, and neckline.

In this third stage part of the Frida Kahlo drawing lesson We will add some hairlines and her neck.

Before you fill in these details, we’ll draw long earrings that hang from her ear to the right side.

You can then draw a few flowing lines for the neckline from underneath her hairline. You can then draw her neckline around her neck.

For this step to be completed just draw bumpy lines on her forehead and the earlobes. It will then be transferred to step 4.

Step 4 – Then create flowers over her head.

This illustration of Frida Kahlo will show her wearing a gorgeous Tiara with stunning flowers. We’ll begin adding the flowers to your Frida Kahlo sketch in the fourth stage of the tutorial.

The flowers will be very intricate with lots of fold designs in the flower petals.

They can be difficult to draw due to their high levels of detail, however so long as you do the drawing slowly and keep an to the image reference there should be no issue!

After they’ve started and completed, we’ll wrap them up by completing any details that are needed during the next phase within the course.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Frida Kahlo Drawing

You’ve started with the flower crown that she wore in the first section in this Frida Kahlo fashion tutorial In this step, we’ll finish them.

For that, all you have be doing is to add tiny detail to your petals, and then draw small, pointed leaves in between.

Once all the details have been completed, you’ll be prepared for the last part in the guide!

Prior to moving on to the final step, you are able to add any additional information and other elements.

One suggestion is to paint the background and if you choose to do this then you can incorporate elements of your favorite Frida Kahlo painting.

It’s just an idea. But what else could come up to finish the story?

Step 6 – Finish your Frida Kahlo drawing in color

This is the last step to this Frida Kahlo sketch and, in it, we’ll add some colors.

The color was kept very realistic, and dyed her hair to a dark brown and added stunning glitter for the hair flowers.

You may also select an even more elegant collection of colors if want, and it could fit with the theme of some of her abstract art.

You can also play around with different media and tools to create a truly unique animation. Be sure to let your imagination let loose!

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