This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw French fries sketch, one of the most popular fast food meals. team has already shown you how to draw many different types of food. These lessons are available in the Food category.

Different dishes can be made from different ingredients, so different dishes will have different recipes.

This tutorial will help you draw French fries.


Step 1

Let’s begin with the most basic outline. Begin by sketching the outline of the package of fries. Use a few light lines to do this. Don’t try to make your packaging perfect at the beginning. In the future, we will modify the shape and give the french fries drawing an even more complete look.



Step 2

Let’s now add the most important part to our drawing, the fries. As shown in the illustration, draw the outline of French fries slices using simple lines. This is because we rarely see fries with perfectly cut slices.


Step 3

It’s now time to give your French fries drawing a more accurate and complete look. First, trace the outline of the slices using darker and clearer lines. Give them a more beautiful and complete look. Be aware that the French fries’ shapes and sizes must be different. To give the French fries a cleaner look, draw the package using the same crisp and dark lines.


Step 4

You can give your French fries drawings a more vibrant look by using hatching. You should start with the darkest areas and work your way up to the lighter ones. The lightest parts of your French fries drawing should be left untouched. You can add more layers of hatching to give your drawing even more volume.


This drawing lesson is great if you are looking to draw fast food. You can draw fries alongside a hamburger and pizza. Add a cup of coffee or soda. You can create a beautiful still-life if you place all the objects on a piece of paper. We also discussed composition and how to build it correctly on a piece of paper.

Your drawing of French fries can be made more realistic by adding some logos to the packaging. You can, for example, depict logos on packaging or cast shadows on the surface. This will give your whole drawing a convincing look. is constantly updating with new lessons on drawing food and other interesting objects. Don’t forget to visit our website often and subscribe to us via social media so you don’t miss any drawing tutorials.

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