How to Draw Freckles on Anime Faces

This tutorial will show you how to draw freckles on your favorite 3DVKARTS characters. This tutorial will give you an example of how to draw them.

Anime freckles drawing

Freckles can give anime and manga characters a unique look. Freckles are usually found in characters who have shyer or milder personalities, but this is not always true.

Like anime characters, anime freckles can also be stylized. It is not the goal to make freckles look real, but to give them a realistic appearance. The freckles of anime faces are often larger and more varied than those of a person. This saves time and makes it easier for artists to see.

There are exceptions to this rule. While 3d characters and solo anime art pieces can display more realistic freckles, most manga/shows draw them in the same way as the ones below.

Freckles drawn on the Cheeks

Anime freckles on cheeks head drawing

These types of freckles can be drawn under each eye. This is the only way to balance the freckles so that neither one “outweighs” the other.

You can make your characters more natural by not making them too symmetrical. Alter their sizes by making them smaller or larger. You can make your characters more stylized by mirroring them and making them all the same size.

You can make any shape you like.

Anime freckles on cheeks drawing

In the above example, you can see how “under-cheek” freckles look with anime facial features.

Drawing Freckles on Your Nose

Anime freckles on nose head drawing

Draw a circle of freckles in the middle of your nose. Because the actual nose area is not depicted in anime, you can simply place them slightly above the tip.

You can also slightly alter the size.


Anime freckles on nose drawing

In the above example, you can see how the “on nose” freckles look with anime facial features.

Freckles on the Face

Anime freckles across face head drawing

This example is basically a mixture of the two previous ones. These freckles should be drawn as a line across your face, around your nose and cheeks. You can make them denser in the middle, and more sparse around the edges.

Again, try to randomize their sizes and placements while balancing out the overall shape that they create so it’s not too squished to one side.

Anime freckles across face drawing

In the above example, you can see how the “across-face” freckles look with anime facial features.

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As there isn’t much to draw freckles on anime characters, this tutorial is quite short. This tutorial does contain some details.

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