Our artists have finally reached the Monster High characters and today we present a lesson drawing in stages dedicated to one of the school’s main students, the monsters.

Let’s start this lesson by learning how Frankie Stein is drawn!

Step 1
Draw stickman – The figure that is made up of circles and sticks. This will allow us to draw the main proportions on the paper. The proportions of today’s characters are a bit unusual and very different from those of a girl. It concerns the head, which is larger than the head of an actual human. Frankie has a body that is equal in length to his head. The legs are also very long, in contrast to the actual human proportions. Draw the outline of your head as a circle and the body as simple, light lines.

Step 2
Mark the face. Draw a vertical line to show facial symmetry. The line is then crossed by several horizontal lines. The top and long lines are the lines for the eyes. Below this line, are the lines for your nose and mouth.

Step 3
Attach a volume to our adorable monster’s upper body. The oval-shaped shape of the neck is the elongated oval. The body is an hourglass shape. The middle of the body, which is the narrowest, is located at the waist. The arms appear like elongated, narrow cylinders. Draw the hands and move on to the next step.

Step 4
These actions can be repeated with the trunk’s lower half and legs. The legs should be drawn in the form of elongated or modified cylinders. The legs taper at the ankles and knees. Note also that the hips are the largest part of your legs. Next, draw Frankie’s shoes. Note again the proportions. These shoes almost match the length of your shins.

Step 5
Now that the silhouette is complete, you can start to detail Frankie Stein. Use long lines to draw the hair. The bang should be combed back and placed near the top. Next, draw a long line for hanging hair.

Use the markup created in the previous steps to draw large, almond-shaped eyes with full lips. Use lines that look like inverted check marks to draw brows over the eyes.

Step 6
Remove any extra lines from the face and circle them. As in the example, draw the pupils. Draw the eyelashes using both straight and short lines. Screw on the neck and draw the small nose. Circle the lines between the eyebrows and the lips. Finish this stage by drawing dark lines on Frankie’s hair.

Step 7
Draw the torso. Draw a collar and tie at the junction of the neck and body. Draw the dress by focusing on the shape of your torso. The dress should be a circle around the hips, and it should significantly extend downwards.

Step 8
Draw a pattern on Frankie’s dress, such as the one in our example. Make a belt with tiny rivets made of beads. Draw a belt with a buckle in the shape of lightning. Next, draw patterns on your tie.

Step 9
Circle the lines and erase any extra guidelines. Circle the shoulders. Frankie’s hands should be decorated with seams and a bracelet. Add details to the bag by drawing the bag with the left hand. Draw a circle icon in the middle of the bag, similar to the skull. Just below the handles, denote square buckles.

Step 10
Now, we can add details to the legs. Remove the guidelines and circle the lines of your legs. Draw the seams along the legs. Complete the lesson How to Draw Frankie Stein by drawing the dark stripes for the shoes.

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