How to Draw Frankenstein

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw Frankenstein, one of the most iconic monsters in popular culture.

Although we are not drawing a person today, the entire drawing process is the same as that of drawing a normal person.

This tutorial will show you how to draw Frankenstein. It is easy enough for even the most experienced artist.


How to Draw Frankenstein

Step 1

Begin your Frankenstein monster by drawing the head and ribcage with simple geometric shapes. All these parts can be connected with a simple spine.




Step 2

Draw Frankenstein’s arms, and legs using simple lines. Draw small circles around the joints. Note that the legs should be longer than the arms.




Step 3

Two lines should be drawn on the head. These will allow you to later draw details of your face. Smooth lines are used to connect the ribcage with the pelvis, creating the body.




Step 4

Let’s give Frankenstein’s arms a little more volume. Use the auxiliary lines of the second stage to draw the round shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and hands.




Step 5

Next, draw the legs following the same method. Next, draw the legs using the same principle.




Step 6

Let’s draw Frankenstein’s face. The eyes are drawn using the guidelines in the second step. Next, draw the huge brow ridges as well as the nose.




Step 7

Sketch out the mouth, chin, and other details. Draw the ear. The upper edge should be at the bridge of your nose. The lower edge should be at the tip.




Step 8

This step will be used to complete the drawing of Frankenstein’s head. Sketch the head flattened, then draw the drooping hairs and finish the step by drawing the neck.




Step 9

Use the guidelines in the previous steps to draw the sleeves. Make sure to fold the elbow and shoulder areas.




Step 10

Draw the rest of Frankenstein’s jacket with clean lines. The clothing of the monster should be big and loose. This should be conveyed in Frankenstein’s drawing.




Step 11

Smoothly draw the fingers. The fingers should be extended in front as if Frankenstein is trying to grab something.




Step 12

Draw Frankenstein’s pants using the guidelines in the previous steps. The pants must be large and make Frankenstein look like he doesn’t know how clothes are chosen in a shop.




Step 13

Next, draw the outline of your feet and sketch the boots. Also, boots should be large and have high soles.




Step 14

Armed with an eraser, erase every auxiliary line, giving your Frankenstein drawing an uncluttered look.




Step 15

We chose to use yellow-green as the skin color, with black as the hair, boots, and suit. Make sure to add a streak of glare to the hair. Add shadows to give your Frankenstein drawing more volume.




Frankenstein has been drawn. Now it’s time for you to strengthen your skills and make the drawing more exciting.

Begin by creating a cool background for your monster. To give your drawing more volume, you can add more shadows.


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