Let’s draw something delicious. What about a healthy and tasty food item that everyone is familiar with? This is a hot and delicious pita with vegetables as the filling. The drawing guide is very easy however, at the end of the day we need to create an accurate food. This is why we should begin this course and learn the art of drawing food step-by-step.

Step 1

Begin by drawing the pita’s contours. The lines do not need to be perfectly straight during this step. But, it is important to be aware of the perspective. The pita’s one half is much bigger than the other half due to the angle.




Step 2

Let’s draw a clear line of pita. The edge is placed above the remaining pita, acting as a blanket. On the front, you will see the large opening in which the filling will be. In our example the filling is large. It is possible to create smaller fillings.



Step 3

In this step, we draw the final contours for pita bread and the fillings. We will remove any extra lines to ensure that the fillings do not appear transparent. If you’d like to make your drawing simpler then draw a sausage, and a few lettuces leaves.



Step 4

Now we can begin working using shadows. First, we must locate the source of light. In this case, the light source is the upper left corner and we have to incorporate hatching on one side on the left. Utilize light strokes for hatching. Don’t forget to apply the shadow cast onto the surface.


This was a drawing lesson on drawing food. To illustrate the concept of food items, we chose to eat a snack inside a pita. We hope that this guide was informative and interesting for you. Keep watching and keep an eye on the latest drawing lessons from

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