How to Draw Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw a Lamb Step by Step

Step 1

The first step is actually a little odd. You will need to draw the outline of the neck and head of the finger. Attach it to a strange egg shape that will be the body. After you have drawn the body, add lines to make the legs and arms.

Step 2

Continue to draw the shape of his neck. The loops at both ends are his cuffs. Once you have established the neck, draw the shoulders, chest and belly.

Step 3

Next, draw Foghorn’s beak and then his eyes as you see them here. Draw his crown and outline his neck. Draw the arms and hands. Next, draw the legs and bottom of the giant rooster.

Step 4

Are you ready for him to be finished? Let’s draw and color in the eyes, then draw the tail of the big feathered bird. Next, draw his big feet. After that, draw his fingers. You can erase the lines and shapes you made in step 1.

Step 5

Here’s how he will look when you’re done. You can now color him and add him to your Looney Tunes collection. This lesson teaches you how to draw Foghorn leghorn.


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