How to Draw Fluttershy from My Little Pony

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Draw two shapes: one of a round head, and another for the body. Then draw one that resembles an egg. Make guides for the tail and face.

Step 2
Fluttershy is drawn with the side profile. This means that all you need to do is draw her nose, head and the chin. Drawing an earline is fine.

Step 3
All you need just draw the lower lash line of her eyes. Add beautiful lashes to in the corner of her eye. Include details on an ear’s inside. Then continue into step 4.

Step 4
All you need to do is draw your eyeball, eye and the colour the pupil. After that, create a smiley face and a stroke the nostrils.

Step 5
As you can see, Fluttershy has a hairstyle that appears to be a cool hairstyle. Draw the front portion of her curly hair, and then draw it to behind her neck.

Step 6
Draw the neck first, and then draw the front legs. Once you’ve finished you are able to begin drawing the bird’s wings. Then draw the back of the FLuttershy’s thigh.

Step 7
Draw the second leg, then draw the hind leg, then the belly.

Step 8
You can now make a long, curly tail like you see, it’s sitting on the floor.

Step 9
For the last sketching step, you need to draw three butterflies and then trace the lines to create the tail and the mane. Eliminate any lines you made in step 1 to wash your horse.

Step 10
Here’s how she will look after you’re done. You can now colour her to create this gorgeous young shy Pegasus pony.

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