Hello, dear readers! We have a brand new drawing tutorial for you today that will teach you how to draw flowers.

The lesson has five stages. This is very small by our standards. To draw a flower, you don’t have to be an expert. Shadows will be added in the final stage, but it won’t take too much effort.

This drawing will help you draw a rose if you fail to draw it on your first attempt. A daisy is what we will be drawing today, by the way. Let’s get started and learn how to draw flowers.

Step 1
Three of the stems should be drawn, with three small circles at their tips. This step requires very thin lines and strokes.

Step 2
The petals should be outlined. They should be very long and narrowed at the edges. The petals should not be exactly the same size.

Step 3
This step is limited to petals. You can now see the finished result by circling the lines of the petals.

Step 4
We will be drawing stems in this step of the drawing lesson. The contours of the stems should be slightly irregular. Three leaves should be drawn at the base of the stems.

Step 5
Here we add shadows. Paint the flowers’ stems, which are located in the middle. Next, add shadows to our daisies’ core using quick strokes. Finally, add small shadows to the petals at the end. These shadows are concentrated in the middle of the flower.

This lesson taught you how to draw flowers (or, to be more precise, how to draw daisies). 3dvkarts prepared this lesson and all others for you. To receive announcements on new drawing lessons, visit our Facebook, GooglePlus, and Pinterest groups. Don’t forget to subscribe to these social networks. The more you are on our social networks the more drawing lessons will be drawn.

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