Hello, dear artists. If you’re looking for a simple method to draw a flower then you’re in the right place. In previous drawing lessons, we’ve already taught students how you can draw a blooming rose and a tulip however, these were drawing lessons that were challenging. We’ll now begin the lesson by learning to draw an easy flower.
Step 1
Begin by drawing the largest circle. Inside the circle, draw an even smaller circle. Draw two lines to serve to guide the stem.
Step 2
An easy step where we have to draw lines within the larger circle in our case.
Step 3
Then continue drawing the flower. With curved lines, trace the tips on the flowers’ petals.
Step 4
We can erase a larger circular area in the first step, and create the shape of the bloom.
Step 5
By drawing clear lines, you can draw flower petals, as shown in our illustration.
Step 6
Make longitudinal lines along the petals and create texture in the middle of the flower by using the aid of cross-hatching.

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