Hello! In our brand new drawing class, we’ll demonstrate the art of drawing Finn who is the main character of the well-known “Adventure time”. Despite his peculiar appearance, the story revolves around Finn an ordinary young man who is a teenager aged 12-14. In each of the series, Finn is accompanied by a loyal companion who is a puppy named Jake. Let’s begin this drawing course to discover what it takes to draw Finn of Adventure Times.

Step 1
Draw your character by using a rectangular bar. Note that the lines aren’t straight, but slightly bent.

Step 2
The resulting shape should be marked with lines, then divide into three pieces. After you’ve got the lines in place we can draw an oval that is flattened in the highest portion, just to the edge that is right from us.

Step 3
Draw the legs and hands of Finn At this point they look like straight, curving lines.

Step 4
The silhouette of Finn is complete and we can now add more details. It’s very simple. Draw Finn’s head with two points and a curving line will define the face. There are two lines of smooth curly lines along the sides of his head, namely the ears.

Step 5
If in the last step, everything went perfectly, Finn’s facial expression has changed to look a little bit like the face of a Bun. In this stage, we draw a circle around the muscles of our hero and then give them the loudness.

Step 6
Eliminate the guideline marks from the previous stage and draw smooth lines for the backpacks behind Finn.

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